About us

Whilst only formed in late 2013 Cochrane’s Gym Solutions is company with over 50 years of experience in the Australian health and fitness industry.  We were created when a blend of ideas and relationships finally came together after years of working separately in two of the main pillars of this great industry.

We are committed to delivering a unique training experience with every visit.

We achieve this by executing our core values

– Relationship based training with the output being exercise.
– Delivering high level Personalised Training model.
– Perspective drives Performance

The Cochranes community is one that comes together to work and be moved; that supports one another, and building long lasting relationships through movement, and wellbeing.

 The “Private Style Gym” environment has been designed specifically to remove ego, comparisons and competition, to allow you to focus on self-improvement – because everyone is at a different stage in their health journey. By removing these elements from the gym, it has allowed a community to flourish where you can come and feel a part of more than just a gym.

expectations should never exceed your effort


Training- The level of personalised training we deliver is based on getting to understand you individually, and providing you with the training that reflects you and your goal.

Fitness and Personal Training- Degree qualified and with a passion for development of others, we have produced some of the finest Personal Trainers in the business through ongoing training and encouragement of self development.

Personal Trainer Growth – Our passion for the proper development of PTs has seen us grow PTs who would otherwise have left the business into strong, confident and highly competent trainers. Years of watching young PTs fall by the wayside because of crippling contracts, debt or simply a fear of having a go inspired us to come up with a model that allows these trainers to grow and earn at the same time until they are ready to take their next steps.



per week No Contract.

Affordable, accessible and easy to understand Gym Memberships for all – NO Contracts, NO Notice periods, NO start up fees, NO hidden add-ons, and 24 hour access has meant that our members can join for as long or as short a time as they like.

Cochranes Gym – Professional Personal Trainers – Latest Gym Equipment – Friendly Environment