Starting out as just a dream way back in 2013 we finally broke ground on Cochranes in Jan. 2014.

Starting from scratch with just an empty showroom we rolled up our sleeves and got to work tearing up floors and ripping down walls – the lessons we learned during our construction period have proven invaluable to us as we have begun to pass that experience on to others.

Next step was to fit the place out, again we learned invaluable lessons as we searched for providers to help us put a functional gym together within our restricted budget! We found it almost impossible to find anyone who didn’t want to squeeze us for every last dollar so we did the sensible thing and fell back on our 30 yr’s of Gym Equipment manufacture and did it ourselves! We revved up the old workshop and literally built our gym from scratch…

Step three was to open the doors and bring our affordable Personal Training sessions to the masses! We rolled up the sleeves again and got out to the world where we found not only our members but also our wonderful PT team.

From our early dreams right up to today opening a Gym has been an incredible learning experience and a lot of hard work, every day presents a new challenge and every challenge provides the opportunity to learn something new making everything worthwhile!!

Achieving our goal of opening a club was hugely important to us and still drives us today to help everyone who trains or works with us to achieve their goals guaranteeing a unique experience for everyone who come through our doors!!

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