Hypoxi Body Shaping Moorabbin

eliHypoxi Moorabbin is a new, state of the art body sculpting studio nestled within Cochranes Gym.

Owner Eri Ibuki combines her vibrant personality and holistic approach to wellbeing, with the gentle, yet effective, Hypoxi training concept to assist you in creating your best

Hypoxi is a natural training method, developed by esteemed Austrian sport scientist Dr Norbert Egger. Each simple 30-minute workout involves the application of high and low pressure to increase blood circulation, and accelerate the metabolism of fatty acids.

What does this mean?
We change good bodies into great bodies! In as little as 12 sessions, you will easily shift fat, reduce cellulite and improve the texture of your skin in those stubborn areas – stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs! What’s more, you can achieve all of this as you relax, check and respond to emails, prepare documents for work, and catch up on social media.

Hypoxi enables multi-tasking at its finest! Hypoxi also stimulates cellular recovery. This makes it the perfect complement to strenuous athletic training, enabling athletes of all skill levels to recover faster and maximise the efficacy of training regimes.

The recommended Hypoxi program comprises 12 sessions over 4 weeks, followed my maintenance attendance. However, Eri will tailor a Hypoxi program specific to your needs, taking into consideration your available time, commitments, lifestyle and wellness goals.

On days off from the studio, clients may take advantage of the facilities and pilates classes at Cochranes Gym. This promotes a well-rounded fitness routine and encourages long-lasting positive change.

Together with her partner Greg Paterson, Eri is committed to creating healthy, gorgeous, thriving bodies and minds. Greg has been in health and weight loss for over 30 years and owns one of the oldest Hypoxi studios in Victoria. Greg opened the doors to Hypoxi Elsternwick almost 10 years ago and, in doing so, opened thousands of eyes to the intrinsic link between exercise, blood circulation and fat metabolism.

The dynamic duo aim to produce the best results of any studio in Australia through exceptional nutritional advice and motivation in creating a new thought pattern that continues on well after your Hypoxi experience.

Contact Eri today to begin the exciting journey towards your best you!

m: 0401 593 557
e: info@hypoximoorabbin.com.au
f: https://www.facebook.com/hypoximoorabbin